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California Never Saw the Sunrise

If we walk through this city tonight,
what do we find?
Do we find the logic that other left behind,
or do we find each other?
Do we find out just who we are?

Right now, I have all of these questions inside,
and I’ve been searching for the answers
you don’t exist in my world anymore,
as you’ve found a way to purge yourself out
and I can’t believe how hard it is love, to stop love
especially when it’s just gaining speed

I sit here behind these quiet office walls,
looking at pictures of yesterdays promises

is it worth it, to fall in love?
I’ve been sitting on dimes
hoping to find you were not the last of me
hoping to find you were not the death of me

If we walk through these city streets,
will we find ourselves in love?
Or will logic hold us back,
as falling in love has always been just too tricky
as falling in love with you would be just too easy

These sheltered walls have kept us apart
and although some might not know; I love you
I don’t call because I don’t bother ask;
why need I worry about you if you never had a history of getting hurt?

Your dad cried himself to sleep knowing he didn’t do you right,
and the divorce that awaits, families are falling apart

Why do I bother fall in love with a stranger? You ask;
Not knowing someone allows me to know the best sides of who they are

Falling in love with you, oh is just so easy

Shane Clouthier

By Shane Clouthier

The "C" in CKP Media, Shane loves to sell Yu-Gi-Oh! cards on the side when he is not busy showing people new mattresses to help improve their life. Also, an avid poet Shane has self published his poetry in book format. A man of many mediocre talents, we still aren't sure what he is actually great at.

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