General Poetry Shane The Poet

The Sensible Sensitivity in Sensing Something’s Wrong

A world painted in black and white,
Nights long fears, shades slip away from light
Distilled and brewed,
Broken and bruised
Silence carries letters various and unknown

A face painted in hate spilled
Heart lost in fate filled
Twins screaming we don’t look the same
As glass breaks we all feel that pain

Sensible words, lost in radio noise
Across the sky, signals intercept
Distorted and disturbed,
Moved and planted
Silence carries noises away from trembling lips

A face painted in fear filled
Minds vacant of far away memories
And the days that once made us
As our hearts sink we all feel the pain

Something’s wrong,
But none of us can sense it
What would the sensitively phrased say?
Where the sidewalk ends,
Could we make it past the side?

General Personal Poetry Shane The Poet

Heart Soaked in Gasoline

If the fumes weren’t enough,
The blood vessels explode
Like iron meets the pavement
This inner machine was made to corrode

Ignite a spark,
It wants to burn
But this city was built with matches
And the phosphorus air was not made for breathing

It pumps like the waves that took you under,
An organ made for the churches use
Lying to my face
Made corners for visiting the churches pews

If the gasoline wasn’t enough to almost kill me
The energy you gave off would
Like salt hits the wound
This inner design wasn’t configured to understand

Ignite a spark,
It wants to show that it changes because you matter
But this heart wasn’t ready for the taking of challenges
And the philosophy here was not made for understanding

It pumps like the stream that you watched
A million fish can be underneath
Lying on the floor of this pontoon
Made corners for sinking ships

If the vessel we ship in isn’t stored
Then the gasoline soaked in this shit
Like fist meets wall
This inner machine was made to explode

General Shane The Poet

To Be With You Tonight

An empty space is all I need,
A place alone with you I see
Somebody dug up a hole
And told me it will become my home

Walking alone, all I can see is the stars,
Looking down so brightly,
Glowing where your smile used to hide

They replaced it with stone,
Turned around and around
They thought I couldn’t break through the ground
The weight of the world couldn’t hold me down

In your well placed hands,
Trembling, my mind is gone with the wind
Looking up so sadly

I’d give you my all, if you only wanted it
A place so far away with you is all I need
Somebody could dig up a hole
In this scene you’re just an extra

My first plea
Never sounded like words that would save me
Taking flight behind desperate lips;

Atop this hill, we blind our hearts
A place alone with you is all I need
Looking down so quickly,
Breaking down wherever this starts

It will be ok sounded more like a promise
As the ground folds,
I’ll be there with the sinking ships

If you could somehow promise me tonight,
Turning around, my life
Hoping you will be my wife
But I see, you are losing the light

It will be ok, I promise if you give me the way
And no matter the terms, I will always stay
I’ll be there with you, with the sinking ships

Tell me my words have lost all meaning,
That nothing I can do will say
Come tomorrow we’ll be ok
And her closets need more cleaning

My last plea
Never meant you had to leave
I just wanted to be with you tonight

General Poetry Shane The Poet

Wait Until The Morning

Finally you have seen the vision,
The world wouldn’t stop us from spinning
Gravity can’t hit us here

I could dive into your seas and find the entire ocean
Down below the world is the void of being open
We could lose it all in a flash

Should you feel to leave,
Just wait until the morning
For us to have just one more dream together

Should you see to stay,
Just understand I mean when I say
For us to live this dream together

As the shroud surrounds us,
We would become enveloped in the darkest means
Graciously the dreams have fallen

Should you feel alive again,
With whispering breaths inflating your lungs
What will turn your mind back on?

I could freeze waiting in these waters,
But I’ve never felt safer near sharks
For what grace we have floating beneath

Should you feel to leave,
Just wait until the mourning
As some day, the sun will shine once again

General Poetry Shane The Poet

Untitled #10

When you become everything to someone who already had it all,
the biggest thing you can do is stand
Don’t falter or beg them to give it all away,
because love has no possessions,

If you believe in something new,
then show the world that your heart is on your sleeve
Always begin with love, and end with what you believe

I swear that I was ready to stand by,
to lay down rocks to lay down by your side
But you moved first, laying it all down on the line

Should you come home some day,
and see the lights are off,
Then for you my love,
Don’t look for switches

Give gravity another look and see why
I can’t escape the ocean floor,
With my last breath my air was yours for the breathing
As my lungs are your reservoir,

So if you should see me no longer breathing,
then bring me back to life

General Poetry Shane The Poet

In Places

There’s something hidden in the skyline,
Something hidden in the way they look down on us
With open hands,
The wind and the leaves start to show;

Run (don’t go)
Please don’t let him know,
I’m running away, running away from everything
Stay, you’ll know (like you’re supposed to, stay like you’re supposed to)
And not another minute more,
Can keep her from hitting the door
Say, you go, what do I do with what I had in store?
(I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll change back I swear I will)

I will;
One day you’ll be laying,
Still in place from where we were fading,
The leaves were carried away in the summer time,
The trees died in winters line;

Say you’ll love me like you wanted to
Say you’ll stay like you feel it too;
I never thought this would be the pain that I never knew
(I never knew you, I never knew I thought I do)

I do;
Those sequential words I waited to know,
Hear you say them and never let go,
But you let us go;
You let it show

Run (don’t go)
I can’t catch you because I’m going slow
I can’t catch you because I’ve got to go

General Poetry Shane The Poet

Vocal Addendum

I just need, I just need your voice
To carry me through,
All the things that you do.

I don’t know what it sounds like,
I’ve lost all faith in what it was,
Through every hurdle I’ve lost myself,
And I lost it all.

The branches keep falling down
Somebody scream how,
Save me now!

The words you said before,
Are unrelenting and living in echoes,
“Just go, I don’t need you anyway”
And I’ve lost it all, I’ve lost it all!

Some days, I wake up,
Knowing what they don’t,
I can’t save this now,
Scream! How is this possible?

I don’t posses a chance to love,
Or the chance to run.
Someday I won’t even posses the chance to breathe,
Someone get me out

From the lights, shining
Beating me down!

General Poetry Shane The Poet


Keep to heart all that matters
What life is worth living when constantly spent living under ladders?
Watching those above you step on those they believe are beneath them
But we can’t be framed into believing we are the ones who should be blamed

I’ll listen to the world around me as it all snaps into it’s own place,
twisted and turned against grains,
I’ll listen to the wind around us as it all grabs what is in its way,
twisting and turning against our plains

You should’ve shrugged me off as just another,
but persistently I stick to you
Watching those beneath you step on your back,
and persistently I stuck with you

Kept to heart, all of these metal daggers
What worthless matter was hidden under ladders,
I’ve listened to your twisted words sneak out of your mouth
but this twisted world sent it’s wind to you to knock you off of your bout

General Poetry Shane The Poet

The Wonderful You (Missing)

I actually “wrote” this in a dream and though this is not exactly how it went, it’s my best version that I can remember.

What happened to your light?
Because I always feel lost at night
without you
I wonder what it feels like to never lose sight of the world around you
I don’t know if I’ll ever find my path back to where I was,
Because I loved it so much, the person you were when I was me.

What happened to your light?
Stay brighter than the nighttime
Find your way back home,
Even if it means you stay where you are, patiently waiting for the Morningstar
And I’ll open back up just for you
Because the one I loved always stayed bright

What happened to the night we loved flight?
Were we still headed to new heights?
Your house has remained vacant in cavity,
I’ve remained broken in captivity
As you found me
On your way home

General Poetry Shane The Poet

(Take Aways)

Take away your hard liquor and make it harder
Take away your longest words and make them shorter,
Find small pauses and fill them with subliminal messages,
Find small clouds and fill them with more water.

Grab someone else’s hand just as it’s starting to tremble
Grab someone else’s keys just as they’re getting ready,
Take away the chance of salvation,
Take away the chance of procrastination.

Start and walk far now, farther than you’ve ever seen the horizon stretch
Start and slow down now, slower than you’ve ever seen time lapse,
Land yourself in another world,
Land yourself in the water.

Take away the memories from all the days grown men acted childish
Take away the memories from all the bottles grown men set on counters,
It’s not the liquor that will set you free,
It’s not the people you love that will make you see.