Personal Poetry Shane The Poet

Ways to Rid of Me

A shorter walk down a longer plank,
Keep walking

A longer rope with a thinner width,
Keep talking

A promise of difference,
It’s all just the same

A bridge without limits,
Keep falling

A barrel loaded with a shorter distance,
Keep shaking

You’ve got your ways to rid of me,
Keep blocking

You’ve got the keys to get away from me,
Keep driving

A promise of permanent time,
It’s all just a waste

Collapse and fail structure
Contain every fragment not yet shattered

A longer walk down these hallways,
Contain every phrase as the previous never mattered

Continued destruction,
Constant construction

We will never be fixed,
Because we are not broken

I write these words down,
So yours won’t ever be spoken

General Poetry Shane The Poet

Established Connections

I hear you needed to talk,
A constant constipation of why I never understood
I needed to hear you talk,
A constipation of conceptual understanding

There’s something the matter with the matter between my ears
I hear the pitter patter of your heavy breathing and broken tears

Are our wires crossed?
Red crosses white and we made the wrong connections
Are you on board mother;
There is so much to process these silicone lies

We missed our connections,
Waited for the next plane to jump on and take us away from this place
Every one is on board except the one wearing my face
Tonal inflections and viral infections

There’s something the matter with the matter on my mind
Curious for answers, digging through your trash to see what I find

Are your chips all in?
Held down by the heat and the pins you’ve extended
Are you in this shell, barely holding it together?
There is so much to hold on to now

I needed to hear you talk,
Moving this information
Like the cars and the people
Are we headed to our next station?

Embedded in time counted by zeros and ones,
We get turned off to get turned on
Like our backs when nobody was watching
Embedded in time our count has begun

If we reroute our routers,
Then the message crossed,
Cross platform, channels stay the same
We crossed bays and the message was lost

Dedicated Poetry Shane The Poet


I heard you made it to Milwaukee
Your friends called,
said you meant it when you said you hated me
Did you ever mean to forget?
Did you ever hear about my regret?

That one late night you called and said to forget my name,
That your love is now our growing hate,
If this was a our destination, then why am I hiding from you?
If this was true love, I’ll never understand my fate

I saw you called in from Milwaukee
Heard your friends made it back,
heard you didn’t want to see
Did you ever mean to believe?
Did you ever mean it when you said you’d never leave?

That one last time you called and said you’d forget me,
That our love was make believe,
If magic existed, we would’ve been left alone
And we’d rot away to abandon our home

I came back from Milwaukee,
Heard your friends weren’t looking for me,
said they meant it when they didn’t want to see
Did you ever know?
Did you ever

Personal Poetry Shane The Poet

The Terrible Lies

I wish the trees weren’t so quiet –
With you around;
And I wish the leaves would sing,
When they fall to the ground

I wish the branches weren’t so weak –
With you around;
They dance so peacefully,
When they fall to the ground

I wish the grass didn’t seem so green –
Across from me;
Freshly cut and cut so clean,
Even below the tree

I wish the weeds didn’t grow so fast –
Across from me;
Plucked one by one,
Even below the tree

I wish the world would see –
It’s all we could be;
Asking for a future hope,
We saw it coming

I wish the kids could forgive us –
It’s all we could be;
It’s terrible in the air we breathe,
We saw it coming

For every glass eye that watches the world –
The terrible lies through which we could see;
It’s a terrible mess out there,
And we didn’t stop it

For every stoic man and static wife –
The terrible lies through which we could see;
A fatal regard for the process of having thoughts
And we didn’t stop it

And we didn’t stop it –
We saw it coming;
Even below the tree,
When they fall to the ground

With you around –
Across from me
It’s all we could be
The terrible lies through which we could see

General Poetry Shane The Poet


There’s a million things you can’t change,
A thousand where the outcome remains the same
A hundred ways to breathe
A dozen ways to smile
Two ways to think

You can’t stop gravity from holding us down
You can’t change the color of the sky
You can’t see the wind
You can’t hold a knife to a statues neck
And so many more things that I can’t even think of

You can wear a different shirt, where the person underneath stays the same
You can throw away your trash but you won’t stop the earth when it shakes
You can throw away a hundred friendships and have not solved the true

In, slow through your nose
Like it matters if anyone’s watching us
Fast, like the wind that changed with your words
Breathing away, I’m afraid to remember what it feels like to be full

You can smile because you saw something funny
Or because someone’s embrace
You can smile knowing you did you part
Or because it is your better face

It’s either all in
Or all out
And in regards to our time,
It’s the latter

General Poetry Shane The Poet


The only words worth knowing
Are those which coming flowing
From women with blind ears
The color of which has faced saturation from the loss of their balance

And no father would ever leave their children behind if the mothers never lost faith in the words of love

So where are we now versus the faces we shed?
Looking over shoulders,
These tires can’t keep kissing the pavement without the air it needs
With an empty tank
We are taking this nowhere soon

I’m going to miss pretending
There was going to be a happy ending after all.
I keep telling you, it’s just getting worse
And though I know it hurts,
One day I’ll just be looking back

We can keep our secret great,
I follow the lines if time to open my next gate
And I imagine walking through to you
And I imagine looking back at we went through

The lines got crossed
And that was our silver lining
We went searching and found ourselves lost
And we missed our timing

I’m going to miss pretending
That we would have our day
And I know you’ll say
This was always our ending

Dedicated Personal Poetry Shane The Poet


You didn’t notice
When we all came searching
I didn’t notice
When I thought I found you

I didn’t notice
When you disappeared
You could’ve thought
It was worse than I feared

Please don’t go somewhere far away,
Please don’t leave me looking for today
When it’s time to let go of everything
That we’ve held so dear
Please don’t notice

I knocked on so many doors
Most of them never opened
But you weren’t anywhere
But they all noticed

Once you’re gone I’ll be afraid that it’s for good
Searching the cards for your reason
We all got shuffled
I hope you noticed

Please don’t go so far as to say
Please don’t come looking for me today
I’ve decided to find the wind
I’ve chosen to fly
I plan on finding my home in the sky

I didn’t notice
The words that you wrote
I only saw your thousands of crumpled notes
And the ones you left behind

We all noticed

Dedicated Poetry Shane The Poet


Finally came across that letter you wrote me from a place that was many miles away
We were younger then,
I remember those times you said it was chasing the light that made you happy;

My darkness approached and with it I carried heavy winds,
The motion of the earth alone burdened me with staying on the ground

And you came, and you saw
That the world I saw was more black and blue
A settled reality too brutal for you
I remember chasing you through the wind

Finally, I came across your screen again
The words read you’ve been missing;
Alone again I’ve been waiting
The hands of time have carried me away

Like the sparrow in her nest
My head was safe upon your chest
And I whispered I’d be back,
As I couldn’t stay away for long

And I miss you.
And I need you.
But I know you’ll never know the way I’ve ever felt.
But I’ll need you now the way I’ve never needed

Poetry Shane The Poet

The Getaway

Flashing red lights remind me that time is more valuable than anything exchanging hands,
To stop and wait for your time under red lights,
Because I know your ride will never stop
And it was worth all our philosophical fights

Dropped gold on diamonds and still got coal,
Compressed, reduced in pressure to give in
And all the silver you stole

I never thought I’d get away with this,
I never thought I’d get away with you

Flashing yellow, light around the edges
Impact on table over and over
It might be solid, but never softer
Taking caution to run away

Dropped the bag and ran,
The most valuable thing I ever had;
The time spent wasted on all our fights
And it was all worth silver and gold

I never thought I’d get away with you
I never thought I’d get a way to run

I was there at the scene of the crime,
In fact I never left; I just found a better hiding spot
The day will come without time
With that will be all that I’ve got

Dedicated Poetry Shane The Poet

Somewhere At Sail (#5)

Once, when I was young
I thought I could learn to make sense of everything that happened around me,
I found out that I was just an island

I found I could never change
With every push to stop
I was pulled away
Waves of motion, carried us to the sea

Surrounded by the trees, the leaves
You just couldn’t wait to leave
The life around us crawled down our spine
And reminded us that the main land was always fine

How could I have known that in your past you came past this place I now call home?
Like a pair of explorers I was lost
Somewhere at sea,
Instead of in the places I need to be

I’ve been waiting for the day you say it worked out just fine
And that you got yours and that I got mine
Without my compass,
I’ll never find my way

So I guess I will keep navigating the land
If you keep exploring the sea,
Just remember these words,
And promise to always remember me

(1825 and counting)