About CKP Media

Introducing the C,K & P of CKP Media

In 2018 Shane (C.) created a unique podcast that explained to consumers the different constructions of mattresses and how to shop for one if you have never done so.

Dave (K.) loves to record, edit and publish his own YouTube content, including some popular gaming tips and watch along.

Mat (P.) on the other hand, specializes in moving to Florida. We love you Mat.

Ashley and Amanda are new to our group however both have been playing video games together and with parts of our group for many years! We all look forward to this collaborative effort.

Team CKP

And So now, Team CKP is Born!

Currently, a five-person group, Team CKP wants to play fun and strategic Squads in Fornite every once in a while. You can check all member’s streams here.

We welcome you to a new place for new adventures!

-Team CKP, CKP Media