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Follow me to the back end of the places nobody ever knew of,
Help yourself to my footsteps and shadows,
As time goes by, it’s commonly unsaid
Forever is longer than long enough,
And if you continue to follow me,
You’ll find I commonly end up nowhere and at dead end streets,
Tonight the lights will give me my heat,
Or else I’ll be the coldest person you’ll ever meet
So forget the reasons you followed me through the darkness,
Remember the reasons you left
Remember the treasons you sent
Remember the stalkers and the men who loved you;
The people who never stopped wanting to know what it’s like to be you

I guess I sort-of just figured you were being reasonable for letting me go my own way,
Stalkers until the end, following the footsteps of the shadows
These exact ones won’t ever be back
But if its broken then we are perfect,
Perfectly broken lights and backs from street fights,
Never surrendering, vacated from the moments we will never forget,
Will you continue to follow me?

So many mixed signals and the towers are collapsing, regarding every word I’ve ever said,
I’m better off dead

When we watch them run for the fence,
Our guns start searching for the place in the back of their mind
That they hope we won’t ever find,

The jury is still out and the sentence is already complete,
An empty you, and an empty me
Is more than enough to make us both complete

Shane Clouthier

By Shane Clouthier

The "C" in CKP Media, Shane loves to sell Yu-Gi-Oh! cards on the side when he is not busy showing people new mattresses to help improve their life. Also, an avid poet Shane has self published his poetry in book format. A man of many mediocre talents, we still aren't sure what he is actually great at.

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