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The Shadows of Years

Loving you is my favorite habit,
To your heart I am an addict.

Being near you brings me to life,
From where I was
The only thing I had left to lose
Until I met you

Everyone always thinks “I need to be remembered” but truth be told,
That thought process is way too old
The only thing that you try to do
Is become unforgettable,
And when you die your soul will hear words that are so regrettable.

I’ve been chasing the wind like a frisbee, my soul has been searching for a place to land
I can only pray I arrive safely in your hand

In between us used to be bed sheets,
But the world has evolved into separations of broken communities

Shane Clouthier

By Shane Clouthier

The "C" in CKP Media, Shane loves to sell Yu-Gi-Oh! cards on the side when he is not busy showing people new mattresses to help improve their life. Also, an avid poet Shane has self published his poetry in book format. A man of many mediocre talents, we still aren't sure what he is actually great at.

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