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Ways to Rid of Me

A shorter walk down a longer plank,
Keep walking

A longer rope with a thinner width,
Keep talking

A promise of difference,
It’s all just the same

A bridge without limits,
Keep falling

A barrel loaded with a shorter distance,
Keep shaking

You’ve got your ways to rid of me,
Keep blocking

You’ve got the keys to get away from me,
Keep driving

A promise of permanent time,
It’s all just a waste

Collapse and fail structure
Contain every fragment not yet shattered

A longer walk down these hallways,
Contain every phrase as the previous never mattered

Continued destruction,
Constant construction

We will never be fixed,
Because we are not broken

I write these words down,
So yours won’t ever be spoken

Shane Clouthier

By Shane Clouthier

The "C" in CKP Media, Shane loves to sell Yu-Gi-Oh! cards on the side when he is not busy showing people new mattresses to help improve their life. Also, an avid poet Shane has self published his poetry in book format. A man of many mediocre talents, we still aren't sure what he is actually great at.

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